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Asserting individuality is a praiseworthy effort that involves bold visions and a maverick mentality. As spellbinding as they are architecturally unique, the following unconventional homes stray as far from cookie-cutter norms as possible. Click the link above for photos of these dynamic dwellings!


  1. Perched on a rock in the town of Bajina Basta, this daredevil home borders on dangerous. Situated on Serbia’s Drina River, the occupants of this home have an evident hankering for adrenaline.


  1. An architectural maven turned aviation enthusiast built this Lebanon wonder. While Miziara, Lebanon, is renowned for its take on Greek temples and Egyptian ruins, this airplane home dispels that prehistoric image.


  1. Rich with immersive features and aerodynamic qualities, this massive three-dimensional sundial house is the epitome of a solar home.


  1. Tucked away in Gifu, Japan, lies a 32-sided soccer ball home that warrants a jaw-drop. Bearing a striking resemblance to an actual soccer ball, the architects seamlessly emulated its checkered design.


  1. Aptly named for the culture it represents, the “China House” in Tianjin is a treasure trove of ornate motifs and dazzling design. Consisting of ancient bowls, dishes, and vases, the intricacies of this off-kilter home know no bounds.


  1. In 2004, architect Manfred Voglreiter conceptualized, and later brought to fruition, a car-shaped home rich with geometric figures.


  1. After being to reduced to smoldering ruins, only one house was left standing in a Shanghai neighborhood – Shi Yuji’s. While the owner has since evacuated the house, the remnants of the Shanghai home still stand. Located under Nanpu Bridge lies the resilient home of Shi Yuji.


  1. Spearheaded by South Korean sanitation activists, in 2007 a toilet-shaped house came to fruition in Suwon.


  1. Dubbed the “Bubble Palace,” this French Riviera home radiates futuristic design. Complete with protruding orbs and rounded rooms, this sphere-heavy dwelling proudly overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.


  1. Comprised of bamboo strips and a mattress, Dai Haifei’s egg-shaped mobile home upholds the “less is more” mentality. During the spring, a grass layer cloaks the exterior, making for a quilted effect.


  1. In the wake of a life-altering earthquake, 70 dome houses were built to accommodate the victims. While the sight of 70 stark white spherical homes is undoubtedly jarring, the cause is no less commendable.


  1. In Abidjan, a crocodile-shaped home provides warm walls to its owner, Thierry Atta. Complete with crocodile teeth and stone exterior, Atta apparently has an affinity for reptilian life.