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Everyone knows that the cost of living varies in every city, state, and country around the globe. It is difficult to compare many of the major housing markets to one another as they are rapidly changing and diverse. As with most material goods, the price of certain items are more expensive depending on location. When searching for a place to live, the price of rent easily fluctuates across city lines. Here is a bit of an inside look into what $1,000-$1,500 a month can get you around the world.


Brooklyn, New York

For residents of the Big Apple, rent prices are higher than the skyscrapers of the city. If you’re looking to move to NYC, your best bet (if you want to be a savvy spender) is to look outside of Manhattan into neighborhoods like Brooklyn and Queens. For about $1,000 a month in a place such as Brooklyn, you can expect a small studio apartment. Most likely it will only a include a bathroom and no kitchen.


Florence, Italy

In this historical city, renters can expect some more options for somewhat reasonable prices. For a little less than a grand a month, you can rent a two-bedroom apartment with a small kitchen. Although most of the rental opportunities in Florence at this price point don’t come with updated amenities, there is definitely something to be said about space!


Cairo, Egypt

If you are presented with a job opportunity in Egypt, plan on setting some roots there, because you will more than get your money’s worth! Costing you a little more than $1,000, you could be the tenant of a luxurious, marble-clad, four-bedroom apartment. Beautiful interior design are a staple of Egypt and living a life of glamour isn’t as pricey as it is in major metropolitan areas.


Toronto, Canada

For those who don’t mind the cold and call Canada their home, they are probably living by pretty decent means. At $995, one could find an upgraded two-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen and bathroom included. Many people in the area transform basements and extra space into full apartments, saving many renters the hassle of parking, high costs of living, and less maintenance.