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The real estate industry has become one of the most exciting and challenging career paths over the past few years. As the markets of Hawaii are ever-changing, the job can be very rewarding but also tedious. When deciding to become a realtor, you must be willing to dedicate your time and resources to the process. Applicants must also be aware of the well-being of the future clients, they will help. Although the process may seem long, the reward of helping people find their home is worth every hardship.


Enroll in pre-licensing course

  • As required in all U.S. states, all potential realtors to be 18 years of age. If you meet the age requirement, you must then enroll in the online 60-hour course. Throughout the course, there are various quizzes to help prepare for the final exam. The entirety of the course is online, allowing applicants to work at their own pace. Once the course has been completed you are eligible for the course and licensing exam.


  • Unlike most states, Hawaii requires an end-of-course exam in addition to the license exam. The course final exam is given online and once passed, applicants are then able to begin the process for taking the licensure exam. An online account through eHawaii must be set up and a course completion certificate will be emailed to the applicant.
  • The certificate allows the applicant into the exam centers and without it, applicants are unable to take the test. The license test is two parts. The first part covers all general real estate practices for the United States. The second part includes detailed questions on Hawaiian real estate regulations. In order to pass, test takers must receive a 70% or higher on both portions of the exam. The fee for taking the exam is $68 which includes both parts. If one or both portions must be retaken, the fee will again be collected

Applying for Your License

  • Once you successfully pass the exam, you are qualified to apply for your license. Applications must be made within two years of passing the exam, otherwise, the exam results expire. To apply for the license, the Principal Broker for the firm at which you plan to work for must sign off on your application. Once you get your application, you are ready to start helping people find their home sweet home!



  • The state of Hawaii requires all licensed agents to complete 20 hours of continued education by November 30th of every even-numbered year. Additionally they must apply for a renewal by December 30th of the same year.