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Buying a home is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding tasks a person can overcome. If you find the perfect realtor, they will likely help with every aspect along the way. However, before committing to the home buying process, many seek answers online and via phone apps. There are hundreds of tools and resources that assist first time and veteran home owners. Here are a few apps that have paved the way for a great real estate experience.




Not a common  household name, Redfin has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing real estate apps. Labeled as one of the most efficient tools when searching for homes, Redfin has redefined real estate on-demand. With listings updates every 15 minutes, home buyers and sellers can consistently know their home’s status. One of the most useful abilities Redfin provides is its comparison feature. Houzz not only allows sellers to price their home based on current market value, but gives buyers an understanding of the current values. Available for Android and iOS use, Redfin has continued evolving the real estate app expectations.




This is not your typical real estate app. Combining Pinterest and, Houzz has provided users with an experience unlike any other app. There are over 13 million decorating ideas specific to every style. Users can browse or share their remodeling and decorating tips and ideas. The site also provides an outlet to search for professionals who can assist in any home improvement project imaginable. You can even shop for certain items right on the site! Houzz is a great resource for those looking to sell their home soon, especially those needing to remodel before putting it on the market. The app is only available in iOS but anyone can access the website from a desktop!




Zillow continues to prove why it is one of the most popular real estate apps out there. With endless features and filters for buyers and sellers, to not use the app as a real estate professional is silly. Including information on both homes and real estate agents, Zillow provides users everything they need. Many first time home buyers have turned to Zillow and have given high praise to its user-friendliness and accuracy. Recently, the site and app have added a video tour feature, giving a more realistic view of the home. Accommodated by both Android and iOS, Zillow is an app anyone related to real estate needs!