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The real estate industry has been booming over the past few years. Agents, investors, and developers across the board are seeing success. A lot of these achievements and opportunities come from expanding horizons. Growing in any industry relies heavily on the concept of networking. In this day and age, anyone has the ability to network, whether it be in person or virtually. In the real estate industry, making connections and networking with as many people as possible can lead to a flourishing career.


It Can Happen Anywhere


It’s true! Meeting someone that will help grow your career can literally happen anywhere! If you’re an agent, you could be standing in line for coffee and meet an investor who’s looking for the perfect realtor. Since real estate is one of the most popular industries, running into someone else in the business can happen at any time. Being prepared is key when it comes to never knowing when you may need to make a pitch. Referrals, the main cause of success for most real estate professionals, can only come through the expansion of your own brand. Have your business card, an elevator pitch, and of course, a smile, wherever you go.


Utilize Tools


There are thousands of tools right at our fingertips as real estate professionals. From events to social media, we have the most intricate system to connect with those who share similar interests and goals. Attending networking events can be one of the most useful hours of one’s real estate career. Someone once gave me the advice to not waste time connecting with those in the same role as yourself. Be kind and say hello, but move on to talking to those who can support your path to success. Another agent isn’t going to refer you, but a developer would. Social networking has become a major part of everyone’s daily life. Your professional career should not take a back seat when it comes to taking advantage of online networking. Using sources like LinkedIn to find those in your area who can help boost your portfolio is never a bad call.


Get Yourself Out There


It is as simple as it sounds. Promoting yourself is one of the only ways to ensure that people know your name. In our industry, we rely on appearance quite often. With our faces being plastered on fliers, billboards, and benches, we know that our faces are bound to be recognized. This is something that no one is real estate should shy away from. Agents, typically get the most airtime but anyone from brokers to investors should be putting time into enhancing their brand. Outside of work, involving yourself in the community is an organic way to get yourself out there and your name known to as many people as possible.