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As the housing markets become more competitive, keeping on top of your property’s value can fall behind the curve. With the DIY trend continuing to grow, homeowners are constantly making improvements which boost the value of their property. Whether you just purchased your home or are looking to sell, there are many ways that the value of your real estate can increase. Some of these enhancements are so easy and inexpensive, you will wish you’d have thought if them sooner!


Deep Cleaning

As obvious as it sounds, a clean home, can make all the difference in valuing the worth of a property. On countless occasions, realtors are unable to sell a property, simply because it is not kept clean. Whether you take the task upon yourself or hire a service, a thorough cleaning of your home can make all the difference for potential buyers and guests. This also applies to the exterior of your home. Many people don’t realize how beneficial power washing pathways and porches can be for the appeal of a home.


Fresh Paint

This would mostly apply to homeowners looking to sell, but the value a fresh coat of paint can give a room is priceless. Not only are you giving an incentive to buyers, by giving them one less task, but you are giving them more of a reason to love the home. Even if they don’t agree with the color, a wall free of nicks and smudges could be the determining factor for putting in an offer for some buyers. In addition to paint, all holes should be spackled over prior to your first showing. In many cases buyers are looking for a move-in ready facility. By taking a few hours to spackle and paint, you are giving the future owners less to do and more reasons to love your property.


Curb Appeal

First impression are everything. That could not be a truer statement for those showing off their homes. People will immediately judge your property and your style of homeownership based on its exterior look. You might be surprised at how big of a difference a few plants or a new mailbox is on your home’s curb appeal. There are endless ways to add curb appeal from pathway lighting, to seasonal decor, and they all make your space that much more enjoyable to look at.