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About Mirko Manfredi

Growing up, Mirko Manfredi often found himself working alongside his father, who was a contractor. Being the oldest of 4 sons, Mirko was able to work on a variety of different projects with his father, which oftentimes was construction based. Mirko watched his father buy properties, fix them up and sell them for a profit. During these transactions, Mirko Manfredi was introduced to the real estate agents, which is what initially sparked his future career path.

Today, Mirko Manfredi is a recognized real estate agent based in Oahu, Hawaii, who offers clients a knowledgeable and insightful approach to the home buying and home selling process. With years of experience in the industry, and an unparalleled understanding of the region, Mirko Manfredi has garnered much recognition in the field. With Mirko’s background and unflappable commitment to his client’s, he makes the home buying and selling process a breeze. Mirko understands the significance of buying a new home and thus prides himself on unwavering guidance throughout the whole process.

Apart from his work as a real estate agent, Mirko Manfredi and his with Mia are further involved in the industry with tiny home company, Extra Tiny Homes. Understanding the lack of affordable housing in Hawaii, along with the significance of passive income, Mirko Manfredi set out to find a solution for the people of Hawaii. Extra Tiny Homes specializes in the development of tiny homes that are both efficient and cost-effective. At only $69,000, these pre-built tiny homes are constructed in only 6 weeks, eliminating the constraints of extended construction times for traditional homes. With Extra Tiny Homes, Mirko Manfredi aspires to give people a multitude of options at a reasonable price. Whether buyers are looking to downsize themselves or rent out the property for extra income, Extra Tiny Homes gives clients plenty of options.

Mirko Manfredi contributes much of his success to always asking as many questions as possible about any given subject. He strongly believes that asking the right questions, and sometimes the wrong ones, will help you to reach a further level of success. He also highly values the knowledgeable mentors he has been lucky enough to seek guidance from throughout his career and urges anyone starting out in a new industry to find one.

As both a real estate professional and entrepreneur, Mirko Manfredi dedicates himself to providing exceptional service to his clients. Through his work as a real estate agent, and all of his endeavors through Extra Tiny Homes, the ultimate goal of Mirko Manfredi is shaping his Hawaiian community for the better!

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